Smile by Prithiva Sharma

Headcanon Magazine

Image source: Gamespot

You haven’t slept since a week.

Everything is too purple, too blonde and too much.

He’s not here now.

Yeah well, he’s always here.

You used to walk the streets with him in your head, now you walk knowing he could be at any curb, waiting for you with his coiffed hair and his stupid accent.

Jesicaah, smile.

You need to buy a new mattress; you burned the one on which he made Reuben spill his own blood. You wonder how many more things you can burn.

You love it.

Your dreams aren’t yours anymore. The entire time you spent rebuilding your mind and reclaiming your thoughts is laid to waste in the face of the wreckage that he left behind. You cannot think anymore, you don’t even know if it’s you who’s thinking inside your head.

You like Chinese.

You are not a model citizen; you…

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